Internship vacancy: Data analyst

Springest wants to help people reach their full potential through learning. As a data analyst, you will be gathering insights by combining information from the biggest database of learning products and the many tools Springest uses.

Are you data- and tech-savvy? Do you love diving into data and discovering hidden insights? Was it your childhood dream to be a pirate, looking for treasure? What we lack in rum and eyepatches we make up with spades of data. There are many ways that you can show, prove and develop your skills at Springest, namely:

  • Supporting Learning providers to improve their data quality on Springest
  • Supporting users by suggesting the best learning products based on their interests
  • Supporting your colleagues to get the right data and metrics to validate/complete their projects
  • Building / improving internal tools to support other roles.

Our application is running on Ruby on Rails and we make use of Postgres, Redis, and Memcached. For our search machine and optimizations we use Elasticsearch. Next to that we use different external tools that help us in our work like Asana, HelpScout, Intercom, and JotForm. Dizzy yet? Combined with the internal tools that we develop ourselves, we employ a data-driven approach to gain more insights and focus for our team.

About Springest

We are proud to be winners in the ‘Award of Best Employee in the category ‘Nieuwe helden’ thrice in a row. Next to that we are in the top top 100 of ‘Unicorns’: the most scalable organisation in the world – next to companies like AirBnB and Uber. Our ultimate goal is to help everyone reach their full potential through learning. In the Netherlands we offer an overview of more than 40.000 learning products from more than 4600 learning providers. We have 3 million visitors a year, making us the market leader in the Netherlands.

What can we expect of you?

  • You are data and/or tech savvy
  • You are eager to learn and not scared to fail
  • You show involvement /dedication in what you build/do
  • You’re in the last year of your studies.

What can you expect of Springest?

Next to a rag-tag band of nerds who are obsessed with (self)improvement, a lot of social activities and a kick-ass office in the middle of Amsterdam, we offer: 

  • An environment to show your skills, but also to share and learn new skills
  • Unparalleled freedom to do what you think is best. We run a Holacracy, so no one will be breathing down your neck, asking you to report on every minute detail of your work
  • A perfect workspace in the centre of Amsterdam with standing desks, table tennis, massage-chair, football-table and nice hangouts.
  • A rich amount of knowledge, including methods to be completely stress free yet highly productive
  • The opportunity to become a better version of yourself
  • The opportunity to innovate in a company that will treat you as an equal
  • Software and hardware you need to do your job

In the end it’s a foot in the door at the learnest company of Amsterdam.
Send your application to and tell us what you want to learn 🙂 


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